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Leeda Casting Snap Link

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Used for Cod, Pollock, Whiting and Bass. 

The Leeda Casting Snap Link is ideal for use on your sea rigs and allows you to connect leads and swivels with ease.

These casting snaps have an 36kg/80lb breaking strain and are very durable. They are best used for power casting and you can tie your own rigs using these by attaching your rig to shock leader then your sinker weight to rig.

These snaps are effective and easy to use and help keep your line streamlined for easier casting and achieving a greater distance. They can also help reduce the amount of friction and damage caused from the weight to your line by keeping them separated.

The Leeda Casting Snap Link is supplied with 10 per pack.

Durable, strong 36kg/80lb snap
Quick, easy rig to sinker connection
Helps keep your line streamlined
Helps reduce friction between weight and line