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Chudleys Working Crunch Adult Dry Dog Food 14kg

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With over 45 years of expertise and passion in the physiology, feeding and management of working dogs, Chudleys prides itself on its commitment to quality. Chudleys have formulated a specialist range of highly nutritious dog food, which contains substantial levels of quality protein alongside a patented blend of antioxidants, known as a Quality Life Care (QLC) package. QLC is a protection package with a specific blend of fruits and vegetables which are proven to work in synergy together to produce a more effective response to free radicals (which cause damage to cells), thus supporting your dog's health and wellbeing.

Working Crunch is the ideal option for active working dogs needing to fuel a higher workload.

-Increased fat and high-quality protein to help sustain performance;
-Designed to help support stamina and recovery;
-Digestion and immune system support;
-Joint and mobility package.

Suitable for dogs over 12 months
If your dog is generally more active, whether working hard. Packed with added support packages to maintain stamina and help with recovery after a busy day.

Approximate Dimensions (Product): 77 x 40 x 13cm