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Arxus Primo Country Zip Unisex

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Popular with the ladies, the Arxus Primo Country Zip rubber boot is strong, light and quiet, specially designed for activities that may require quiet movement in the terrain. The stylish boot shaft is covered with a robust canvas material to reduce the sound from fallen branches or unruly undergrowth.

• Only 100% natural rubber is used with no chemical additives.
• Arxus’s inimitable construction method makes the boot waterproof even before the sole is assembled.
• The boot is lighter due to the durable canvas reinforcing fabric on the boot shaft and consequently has a slightly thinner rubber thickness of 1.8mm rather than the 2.0mm which is standard for other Arxus rubber boots. Direct boot penetration leg injuries are more easily avoidable due to the robust canvas.
• After a period of use, the canvas fabric will take on a ‘patina’ appearance.
• The boot is lined with 2mm black neoprene for comfort, shock absorption and insulation.
• There is a full length Riri zip running down the back of the boot shaft and an all-round locking strap for a comfortable supporting fit. A 2-year guarantee is offered on the heavy duty Riri zip and metal clamping buckle.
• Faux leather reinforcement at the heel inside the boot to avoid a tear-out effect of the lining.
• Removable anatomic felt-lined EVA insoles for increased insulation against the cold ground.
• Tested to perform up to -5°C.